Black Book: Diesel Prices Drop Below $2, NADA: Commercial Truck Values Stable March 31, 2016
Anil Goyal

Trucks Start Seeing Greater Price Declines than Cars

Anil Goyal
Senior VP of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Black Book took a close look at Q1 2016 to analyze segment depreciation trends. While much of the depreciation attention over the past year has focused on cars, the first quarter of 2016 saw a few truck segments show heavier depreciation, including Full-size Luxury Utilities and Full-size Pickups. For last week, Luxury car and SUV segments had relatively poor performance while most other car and Crossover/SUV segments showed good week over week retention.

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Mid-Size Car, Full-Size Crossover/SUV and Sub-Compact Crossover Had Lowest Depreciation:
Minivan, Prestige Luxury Car and Compact Van segment had largest decline in Q1.

Near Luxury Car, Luxury Car and Prestige Luxury Car Showed Larger Declines:
Full-Size Car and Sub-Compact Car were only car segments with an increase in value.

Overall Truck Values Decreased by 0.39% Last Week:
Sub-Compact Crossover only truck segment with increase at +0.21%.

Visser_Chris_Commercial Truck Guide

Stable Commercial Truck Values Seen in First Quarter

Chris Visser
Senior Analyst and Product Manager
ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide

Overall commercial vehicle volume and pricing has been less volatile in the first quarter of this year. February retail sales data was indicating stable to downward pricing and volume. February auction volume was similar to the second half of 2015, and pricing was steady. March retail sales results should be similar to slightly higher in volume, with pricing mildly lower. Auction volume and pricing data should be similar to February.

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Model Year 2011-2013 Sleeper Tractors Lost 5% Retail Value in January:
Preliminary February data was pointing to another 4% loss month-over-month.

Class 4 Conventionals Began this Year Nearly 6% Lower than Year Earlier:
Class 6 conventionals fared better at $25,881, 3% lower than January 2015.

Retail Channel Still Has Some Pent-Up Value Depreciation to Cycle through:
Staying with estimate of roughly 4% depreciation per month into the second quarter.
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