TrueCar: Used Sales Down 6.8% from Year Ago, RVI: Mid-Size SUV Prices Up Monthly and Yearly January 29, 2016

January New Vehicles Sales Should be Flat and Used Vehicles Down

Eric Lyman
VP of Industry Insights

TrueCar predicts that total new U.S. vehicle sales, including fleet deliveries, will be nearly flat from a year ago, with a 0.3% decline. Even with Winter Storm Jonas bringing heavy snow storms, and accounting for two fewer selling days than a year ago, the seasonally adjusted annualized rate should be 17.6 million units, up 5% from a year ago. Total used vehicles sales in the U.S., including franchise and independent dealerships and private-party transactions, may exceed 2,783,790, down 6.8% compared to January 2015.

See the latest press release from TrueCar on forecasted sales

TrueCar Expects New Vehicle Sales Will be 80.8% Retail and 19.2% Fleet:
That compares with 82.5% retail sales and 17.5% fleet sales last January.

OEM Incentive Spending Averaged $2,932 Per Vehicle in January:
That’s up 13.4% from a year ago and down 4.2% from December 2015.

Severe Winter Weather Isn’t Helping but There Are Signs of Strength for 2016:
TrueCar predicts that consumers will buy a record 18 million new vehicles this year.

Most Segments Saw Little Change in December Residual Values

Rene Abdalah
Senior VP, Passenger Vehicle
RVI Group

The RVI Used Vehicle Price Index (Real) increased by 0.7% in December when compared to November. When compared to December 2014, the RVI index fell by 3.2%. RVI’s Used Vehicle Price Index (Nominal) increased 0.5% in December when compared to November. Prices fell 1.1% from December 2014. RVI’s index measures the wholesale values or (residual values) of two-to-five year-old used vehicles adjusted for mileage, mix, and seasonality. Most segments saw little change in their residual values this past month.

Here’s the latest edition of RVI Group’s Market Update

Mid-size Sedans and SUVs Saw Greatest Uptick in December, Month to Month:
Luxury Coupes and Full-Size Sedans saw the greatest price declines.

Mid-size SUVs Only Vehicle Segment to see Monthly and Yearly Increases:
Segment saw 1.7% month-to-month gain, and 0.3% year-to-year increase.

New Vehicle Transaction Prices on Seasonally Adjusted Basis Fell 0.1% M-O-M:
When compared to December 2014, there was a 0.2% increase in new vehicle prices.
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