Autotrader: Educate Car Shoppers on CPO, BMW 750i Leads Prices December 3, 2015

Autotrader CPO Study Sheds Light on Buyer Behavior

Isabelle Helms
VP of Research & Market Intelligence
Cox Automotive

Certified Pre-Owned car sales continue to see growth in sales, and are up 10.6% over 2014. The percentage of shoppers who are aware of CPO has also increased significantly over previous years. While overall familiarity is higher in 2015 than in previous years, shopper awareness of which brands offer CPO programs is still relatively low. It provides an opportunity for OEM national and regional marketing and website messaging; dealers can advertise at local level and ensure staff can speak to the subject.

Autotrader 2015 CPO Study - What You Need to Know

Most Car Shoppers Think Dealers Certify CPO Vehicles:
Purchase interest increases when they learn its manufacturer program with warranty and inspection.

New Car Shoppers Willing to Pay $2,174 More for CPO, Used Will Pay $2,006:
Shoppers for luxury new and used are willing to pay even more for CPO vehicles.

Millennial CPO Owners More Likely to Buy New Car from Same Brand:
Most CPO owners say they’ll purchase from same dealership again.
Share: Used Car Prices Down to Lowest Level for 2015

Mike Hanley
Senior Editor

The average price paid for all 2012-2014 model year used cars listed on came in at $22,245, which is the lowest it’s been during 2015. The average price was down 0.7% for October and fell for the second month in a row. Only nine cars had price increases in the month of October, and the gains were relatively small across the board. Toyota Prius Plug-In had biggest price drop at 5.7% decline, and Fusion Hybrid dipped 4.4% as gasoline prices stayed cheap.

Check out the Top 10 Biggest Price Drops and Increases

Prius Plug-In Has Veen in Top 10 Price Declines Every Month Since May 2015:
Since then, its average price has fallen 21.3%, or $4,921 down in used car value.

Two Fuel-Efficient Cars Bucked Price Decline Trend during October:
Nissan Leaf increased 0.6% and Honda Insight hybrid went up 0.3% in October.

BMW 750i Full-Size Luxury Had Biggest Used Price Increase at 1.1% or $520:
Slightly ahead of GMC Sierra 3500 heavy-duty pickup, which was up 1% or $431.
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