Black Book: Full-size Vans Breaking Trend, NAAA: Auction Volume at Steady Pace September 3, 2015
Anil Goyal

Full-Size Vans See First Price Drop in Months

Anil Goyal
Vice President of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Full-size pickup trucks and SUVs are continuing to retain their values, but full-size vans are breaking a trend seen over several months as they start to drop in value. Compact cars are continuing to show large declines in value. Older vehicles are being seen at auctions by remarketers, with some in good condition and some of it leaning toward rough in conditioning.

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Overall Car Values Decreased by 0.39% Last Week at Slightly Lower Rate:
Trucks Down 0.24%, which is slightly higher than rate seen in previous four weeks.

Compact Cars and Luxury Level Cars Saw Largest Drop at 0.78%:
Entry Mid-Size Cars Increased 0.13% while Full-Size Vans had highest depreciation.

Some Remarketers Saw Crowd Attendance Down at Auctions:
Sales performance stayed strong with vehicles in good condition with varying ages.

Auction Volume Seeing Steady Summer Pace

Ira Silver
NAAA Economist
National Auto Auction Association

Auction unit volume continued to have a steady pace this summer, with June seeing volume up 8.3% over the previous year and July performing at 7.7% over July 2014. Year-to-date, volume was up 7.4% by the end of July over the first seven months of 2014. While the numbers were down in February and March, they’ve been well over 7% in increases since April.

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Auction Volume Saw Much Higher Increase in June at 8.3% Versus 7.7% in July:
However, June saw a lower year-to-date level – at 7.3% in June versus 7.4% in July.

New Hire Rates Stayed Steady during June and July with Over 200K for Month:
Unemployment rates stayed same at 5.3% from previous year and 5.5% YTD.

New Vehicle Sales Increased their Volume in July Rising to 17M SAAR for Year:
August saw the volume stay strong toward topping 17M for first time since 2001.
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