Galves: Full-size SUVs Standing Out, Goyal: Fall Market Starting to be Felt September 24, 2015

Summer Softer than Usual While Fall Shows Early Signs of Value Declines

Dan Galves
Galves Auto Price List

Summer season has not experienced the usual used vehicle value erosion patterns that are typically seen at this time of year. There has been softening throughout the segments, but the decline has been less steep and some segments are benefiting from cheap fuel prices. Full-size domestic SUVs have been standing out for strong market performance – especially Tahoes, Escalades, and Navigators.

Here’s the latest issue of Galves Auto Price List

Cheap Gas Prices Also Softened Fall of Full-Size Sedans, Pickups and Vans:
Higher-end luxury imports have also performed better than expected.

Sport Coupes and Convertibles Have Experienced More Typical Declines:
Compact, sub-compact, and electric cars have been tough to sell with cheap fuel.

First Two Weeks of September Show Fall Market Declines Harsher than Usual:
European and Asian luxury segments have seen significant declines
Anil Goyal

Trucks See Largest Depreciation Rate Since October 2014

Anil Goyal
VP of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Volume-weighted truck values decreased by 0.46% last week, and it was is the largest truck segment depreciation rate seen since October 2014. Compact SUV and Full-Size Caro Van saw their depreciation at greater than 1%; Mid-Size SUV, Mini Cargo Van, and Mini Passenger Van experienced only small price declines. The effects of the fall market are starting to be felt across all segments.

Here’s the latest edition of Black Book Market Insights

Volume-Weighted Used Car Values Decreased by 0.51% Last Week:
That was the highest depreciation rate seen since the third week of July.

Upper Mid-Size Car, Entry Level Car, and Full-Size Car Saw Largest Depreciation:
Experienced value declines of -0.89%, -0.88%, and -0.75%, respectively.

Black Book Team Heard that Attendance Has Been Lower at Some Auctions:
Buyers and sellers were satisfied with performance at the auctions overall.
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