NADA UCG Study on Driverless Cars, Black Book Looks at Past Three Months August 6, 2015

What Americans Think About Driverless Cars

Jonathan Banks
Executive Automotive Analyst
NADA Used Car Guide

A survey by NADA Used Car Guide of 2,100 individuals showed an interest in the idea of driverless mobility, while maintaining apprehension to the means of travel as a realistic alternative to today’s transportation options. Over half of survey participants think autonomous vehicles will be publicly available within 10 years, while 23% of respondents anticipate it taking 20 or more years for self-driving vehicles to become a reality for the general public.

Here’s the NADA Used Car Guide Perspective on Driverless Cars

OEMs, Suppliers and Organizations Outside Industry Taking Part in Research:
Honda, Subaru, Jaguar Land Rover, DENSO, Delphi, and MIT active in autonomous vehicle research projects along with Google.

McKinsey & Company Speculates Insurers May Shift Business Model:
Away from consumer coverage toward insuring OEMs from liabilities.

Over 90% of Survey Participants Would Prefer Part-Time Automated Car:
They envision both scenarios in which they would use the car’s self-driving capability, as well as others in which they would choose to drive themselves.
Anil Goyal

Smaller Cars Hardest Hit in Depreciation Over Past Three Months

Anil Goyal
Vice President of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

Black Book has taken a look at depreciation trends in the past three months and sees that smaller cars have been hardest hit. The Entry Level Car segment dropped by over 9% in value during that period. Truck resale values decreased by 0.19% last week, which is similar to the average depreciation seen by trucks over the last 12 weeks; but that’s two-thirds of the depreciation rate seen this time last year.

Check out the latest Market Insights Report from Black Book

Overall Car Values Decreased by 0.45% Last Week (Volume-weighted):
Similar to the average depreciation rate over past three months, but three fourths of depreciation rate seen this time last year.

Compact Pickup, Mid-Size Pickup and Full-Size SUV Segments:
Have retained their value the best over the last 3 months, changing less than 1%.

Seems to Be Variety of Opinions Between Dealers About Market Activity:
Some see retail activity as being good and some say it’s slow.
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