NADA: Subcompacts Take Big Hit / KBB: Trucks Have Done Well this Year August 20, 2015

Wholesale Prices See Moderate Decline in July

Jonathan Banks
Executive Automotive Analyst
NADA Used Car Guide

Wholesale prices in July for vehicles up to eight years in age were down moderately for the month. Prices fell 2.2%, which showed stronger performance than the 3.2% drop a year ago; but the seasonally adjusted used vehicle price index fell 0.9% from June to 122.6. Price polarity continued between trucks and cars, with mild utility and pickup losses helping moderate the decline.

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Subcompact Prices Fell by Hefty 4.3% in July as Segment Weakness Continued:
Prices for subcompacts have fallen by 13% since March — largest segment drop in the industry.

Auction Volumes Reached Nearly 310K in July, Down 6% from June’s Total:
2015 model year bucked trend, jumping 56% from June to 27,500 units.

NADA UCG Forecasts August Prices Declining by 2.2% to 2.7% from July:
Marginally better than nearly 3% August 2014 decline, but steeper than 2% decline from two years ago.
Foyil_Sean_Kelley Blue Book

Green Cars Saw Price Declines Slow Down in July

Sean Foyil
Kelley Blue Book

Used vehicle values were down 2.2% from the previous month, which was slightly less than the 2.6% price decline in June. One noticeable difference was that hybrid/alternative energy and electric vehicle segments saw their decline slow down at 2.3% and zero percent, respectively. Large declines in the car segments were seen by subcompacts at 4.7%, compacts at 3.8%, and mid-size at 3.1%.

Blue Book Market Report for July 2015

July Fuel Price Stagnation of Came as Welcome Change After 3 Months of Increases:
California saw steep price spike with refinery maintenance and switching from winter to summer fuel blends.

Truck and Full-Size SUV Segments Best Performers Even with Peak Fuel Prices:
Consumers still recall much higher fuel prices in 2013 and 2014, making smaller cars less desirable.

Trucks Have Done Well this Year with Full-Size Trucks Increasing 0.4% in July:
Increase in new construction lends itself to stronger demand for full-size trucks.
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