NADA: Used Prices Holding Up, RVI: Pickups and Luxury Coupes Top in Pricing July 23, 2015

Used Prices Holding Up Pretty Well Even with Rising Supply

Jonathan Banks
Executive Automotive Analyst
NADA Used Car Guide

Used vehicle price declines are continuing, but at a more moderate pace. In June, prices of used vehicles up to eight years in age fell by 2.5% from May, or more than a half-percentage point less than the 3.2% drop recorded a month earlier. Looking at the numbers from a broader perspective, the first half of 2015 saw prices just 0.6% down form the first half of 2014 and its all-time high. Used prices are holding up fairly well even with pressure from the new vehicle market and rising supply.

Here’s a portion of NADA UCG’s Guidelines July edition

Subcompact, Compact and Mid-size Car Prices among Softest all Year:
Due to new market competition in segments, demand for crossovers and lower gasoline prices.

At 2.1% Depreciation, Compact Utility Prices Bounced Back from May’s 3.3% Fall:
Mid-size and large utility prices down 6% for year, essentially unchanged from 2014.

Large Pickups Dipped 0.5% in June to bring YTD depreciation to just 4%:
Prices haven’t fallen by more than 2.5% on a monthly basis in more than five years.
Abdalah_Rene_RVI Group

Sub-compacts See Largest Drop on RVI Used Vehicle Price Index

Rene Abdalah
VP, Passenger Vehicle
RVI Group

Full-size pickups and luxury coupes were numbers one and two in price increases during June on the RVI Used Vehicle Price Index (Real). Full-size sedans and sub-compacts saw the worst performance during the month; sub-compacts had the largest drop of any category, down 13.5% from a year ago. The RVI Real Index decreased by 0.5% in June when compared to May. When compared to June of 2014, that index fell by 3.0%. The company’s Used Vehicle Price Index (Nominal) fell 0.6% in June when compared to May. Nominal prices fell 0.3% from June 2014.

Here’s the latest RVI Used Vehicle Price Index Report

Used Vehicle Prices Declined for Most Segments in June:
Compact vehicles and sedans saw the greatest declines from the month of May.

May Saw a 0.8% Increase in New Vehicle (Transaction) Prices Over May 2014:
New vehicle prices, on a seasonally adjusted basis, rose 0.2% from April to May.

Gasoline Prices Rose in June to $2.89 Per Gallon:
June gas prices were up 3% over May, but were 23% down from June 2014.
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