Toyota Does Well Across the Board, Auction Volumes Moving Upward June 25, 2015

Toyota Shows Strong Value Retention in Annual Awards

Carroll Lachnit
Consumer Advice Editor

Toyota did very well in the fifth annual Best Retained Value Awards – taking the non-luxury brand award and four vehicle category winners overall, the most of any brand. Toyota has a projected 52.4% residual value after five years. Acura won the luxury brand with a projected five-year residual value of 46.9% and took top honors in two categories.

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Toyota, Honda, and Subaru Dominated Car Segment Winners and Mentions:
Toyota took top awards or honorable mentions in all four car segments.

Honda Did Very Well with Three Vehicle Category Winners:
While a few brands had two winners: Acura, Ford, GMC, Lexus, and Subaru.

Toyota Took Two of the Three Truck Segments and Ford Took Heavy Duty Truck:
GMC took strong position with three honorable mentions for Canyon and Sierra.

Auction Volumes Increasing Well Over 2014 Levels

Dr. Ira Silver
NAAA Economist
National Auto Auction Association

As the association had projected, NAAA is seeing increases in used vehicle volumes coming back through US auto auctions. January had the highest volume of the first five months at 10.7% increase over January 2014; volumes dipped down to 5.4% and then 4.5% in the next two months, with the growth rate over 7% during April and May.

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Vehicle Volume Growth Rate Much Higher than it was in 2014:
Vehicle volume at its member auctions grew 4% in first half of 2014 over previous year.

New Vehicle Sales Continue to See High Volume this Year:
Year-to-date growth was 5.5% by the end of May over first five months of 2014.

Overall Economic Indicators Are Stabilizing and Should Support Sales:
Unemployment rate was 5.5% year-to-date in May, well below recessionary levels.
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