NADA: 4th Worst Month Since 1995, Chevrolet Sees Strong Performance June 18, 2015

May Sees Biggest Drop in Pricing Since October

Jonathan Banks
Executive Automotive Analyst
NADA Used Car Guide

Prices of used vehicles up to eight years in age fell by 3.2% in May – the biggest drop recorded since last October’s 3.6% decline. It was also the fourth worst showing for the month since 1995. The fast depreciation rate came from weak demand for compact and mid-size cars, and from having two full weekends of Memorial Day new vehicle marketing promotions.

NADA Used Car Guide’s Industry Update for June 2015

Large Pickups Continued to Perform Strongest – Up 7.1% Over Previous Year:
Mid-size utility and large SUV segments also strong performers, up 4% and 2.7%, respectively.

Auction Volumes of Vehicles Up to 8 Years Old Fell for 2nd Consecutive Month:
Fell by 310,000 (or 6%), yet volume was up 7% higher than year ago and up 7% year-to-date.

June Forecast for Prices of Vehicles Up to Eight Years in Age 2% ‒ 2.5% Lower than in May:
Car depreciation expected to generally exceed that of trucks once again.

Chevrolet Express Vans Strongest Performer in’s Rankings

Mike Hanley
Senior Editor

For 2012 to 2014 MY vehicles in’s national search listings, Chevrolet Express full-size van saw the strongest price gain during the month of May – at 2.4% for Express 1500 and 2.1% for Express 3500. Overall, prices for late-model used cars dropped nearly 2% in May to $22,788. May prices were down $379 from April, and saw the largest monthly percentage drop for 2015.

See Ranking of Top 10 Price Drops and Increases During May

Chevrolet Also Saw Third and Sixth Strongest Performers During May:
Impala Limited gaining 1.8% in value, while the Corvette was up 0.9%.

Fuel-Efficient and Alternative-Powertrain Cars Continued to Drop as Gas Prices Stayed Down:
Smart ForTwo, Nissan Leaf, and Toyota Prius-Plug-in were down 5.2%, 5.1%, and 3.2%, respectively.

Luxury Vehicles Also Continued to See Downward Price Pressure:
Infiniti QX60 lead decline in luxury category at 3.6% down from April.
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