KBB: EVs Among Worst Price Performers, Edmunds: Transaction Prices at Highest Ever June 4, 2015
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Fuel Prices Coming up but Not Enough to Change Used-Car Values

Sean Foyil
Senior Analyst, Vehicle Valuation
Kelley Blue Book

The downturn being seen in used-car values comes as no surprise for this time of year.
Off-lease supply is expected to negatively impact values further as they begin to return to the market later this year. Fuel prices in May increased 15 cents, or 6.2%, on the back of an already sharp 10 cent rise in April 2015. Hybrid and electric vehicles have still been feeling the effects even with the fuel price increase due to the price of fuel still being comparatively lower.

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Electric Cars Among Worst Price Performers Even with Increasing Fuel Prices:
Nissan Leaf leads the way as worst performer with 8.1% aggressive decline in May.

Full-Size Pickups Still Had a Good Month Even with Overall Decline in Values:
Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, and GMC Sierra gained just more than 2% this month.

Buick, Jeep, and Dodge Had Largest Gains YTD in 1-3 Year Old Vehicles:
Sporty compact cars, full-size pickups, and sports cars were top segments.

Q1 Sees High Volumes and Prices for Used Vehicles

Jessica Caldwell
Senior Analyst and Director of Pricing and Industry Analysis

Sales of used vehicles in Q1 2015, saw a 1.8% year over-year gain after two years of first-quarter declines. The market is seeing a high volume of “near-new” used vehicles – up to only five years old or newer – which has been pumped up by lease returns. It’s also help certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles see its highest first quarter sales figure ever. Vehicles sold in the three-year old and younger segment made up 48.6% of retails used vehicle sales during the first quarter – 7.6% over Q1 2014.

Edmunds.com's Q1 2015 Used Market Quarterly Report

Used Vehicle Average Transaction Prices Reached $18,088, Highest Ever for Q1:
Price increase stems from simultaneous growth in both newer and older used vehicles.

Older Used Vehicles Have Seen Strongest Price Growth as Near-New Sales Boomed:
Price growth has been seen in virtually every segment, indicating continued strong demand.

Glut of Off-Lease Vehicles is Being Felt Most as Price Dip in Near-New Used Cars:
Demand is softening since market preferences have shifted towards light truck segments in light of low gas prices.
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