KBB: Chrysler 200 Drives Retention Gain, NADA: 2015 Will Still Be Strong May 7, 2015
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Chrysler Sees Strongest Brand Used Vehicle Retention in April

Sean Foyil
Kelley Blue Book

Chrysler had the largest used vehicle value gain in April 2015, with an average appreciation increase of 3.2% across its lineup. It was powered mainly by a 4.8% value increase in the outgoing Chrysler 200. The Buick brand also saw a large uptick in values, increasing overall by 2.6% due largely to the Regal; the Regal had an average increase of 5.2% across the 2012-2014 model years. For the overall market, automakers saw an appreciation increase of 0.7% in April 2015.

Here’s the latest edition of the Blue Book Market Report

While Fuel Prices Saw Some Increases, They Were Down $1.22 from April 2014:
Demand was down for hybrid and electric vehicles segments, up for trucks and SUVs.

Sports Car Segment Saw Largest Gain of Any Segment with 2.6% Increase:
BMW Z4, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Scion FR-S, and Mazda Miata have been popular.

Full-size SUV/crossovers, Minivans, and Full-size Cars Also above Market Average:
Low fuel cost has continued to help the full-size vehicle segments see strong returns.

NADA Reports on Dealership Used Vehicle Performance in 2014

Steven Szakaly
Chief Economist, Industry Analysis
National Automobile Dealers Association

National Automobile Dealers Association released the annual report NADA Data on dealership sales and financial trends. The average retail price of $18,846 for a used light vehicle sold at a franchised dealership in 2014 was up 4.1% from 2013 and 14% from 2010. Even though more off-lease vehicles coming back to the wholesale market this year, pent-up demand from new- and used-vehicle buyers, along with low interest rates, are likely to keep used vehicle values strong this year.

Here’s the NADA Data – 2014 report released in late April

NADA Expects Used Vehicle Values to Increase Again During 2015:
That will probably not be as high in value as was seen 2014.

Trade-ins on New Vehicle Sales Made Up 42% of Used Supply in 2014:
Auction purchase was 2nd at 26%, and trade-ins on used vehicles was at 24%.

NADA Expects a Robust 2015 with 17.3M in Light and Heavy Duty Sales:
Rising interest rates and continued lackluster wage growth will be present.
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