NADA: Used EV Prices Stay Soft, Black Book: Dealers Seeing No-Sales April 30, 2015

Tesla Model S Tops List of Electric Vehicle Retention Rankings

Jonathan Banks
Executive Automotive Analyst
NADA Used Car Guide

Used electric vehicle (EV) prices have continued on path similar to previous analysis over past two years – prices continue to be very soft. Demand continues to be hampered by range and technology concerns, as well as by stiff competition from highly efficient, cheaper, gasoline-powered cars. Depreciation rates are in part a product of the level of discounting at new vehicle sales.

NADA Used Car Guide on electric vehicle value retention

MSRPs Don’t Include State and Federal Tax Credits, or OEM Incentives and Rebates:
Incentives are helping new EV sales, but they are being cut back at the state and federal levels.

Top Performer on One-Year-Old List is Tesla Model S at 83.1% Retention Value:
Nissan Leaf is near the bottom of the one-year old list at 43.5% retention value.

Tesla Model S Once Again Finished at Top of List for Three-Year Old Retention:
Toyota’s RAV4 score was relatively good compared to the rest of the pack.
Anil Goyal

Spring Market Strength Starting to Wane for Cars and Trucks

Anil Goyal
Vice President of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

The spring’s used vehicle market strength is starting to wane as most segments showed a slight decline or remained flat in wholesale values last week. The volume-weighted car values decreased by -0.11% from last week, and volume-weighted truck values were flat from the previous week. A few dealers reported that they’re seeing a lot of no-sales out there at the auctions.

Here’s the latest edition of Black Book Market Insights

All Car Segments Except Full-Size Car and Upper Mid-Size Car Dropped in Value:
Top 3 car segments for value increase over last 8 weeks: Upper MidSize, Entry Level, and Compact.

Full-Size CUV, Full Size Passenger Van and Luxury SUV Down 0.4%:
Top 3 truck segments over last 8 weeks: Compact SUV, Full-Size Pickup, and Full Size Cargo Van.

Gasoline and Diesel Prices Increased Less than One Cent Last Week:
Forecast on fuels expects prices to be stable for the rest of 2015.
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