Black Book: Used Vehicle Prices See Broad Strength, Vincentric Names Brand Winners March 26, 2015
Anil Goyal

Black Book Sees Strong Market Across Segments

Anil Goyal
VP of Automotive Valuation and Analytics
Black Book

An improved economy and still-low gasoline prices have helped used prices see broad strength in the market last week, according to Black Book’s Market Insights report. Gas prices have returned to declining, falling by three cents last week. Those seem to have had more of an effect on the market than usual patterns seen during tax season. Entry level cars saw a price increase of $11, and entry-midsize and full-size car segments both saw prices increase by $19.

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Gas Prices Could be Leveling Demand for Full-size Cars and Truck Segments:
Such as higher volume compact SUVs, compact CUVs, and full-size SUVs.

Auction Lane Activity Showed Broad Strength in Market Across Segments:
Black Book analysts heard about that trend and vehicles under $10,000 being in demand.

Upper Midsize Cars Saw Largest Price Increase at $33 for Car Segments:
Compact SUVs did very well on truck side with a price increase of $64.

Toyota Brands Take Lead in Vincentric Awards

David Wurster

Toyota and its brands did best in 11th annual Vincentric Best Value in America Awards with Toyota, Lexus, and Scion earning a total of 12 awards out of a total of 41 segments. General Motors benefited from diversity in its lineup, winning passenger car, SUV and crossover, and pickup truck categories. The award was designed to demonstrate the importance that all manufacturers place on total cost of ownership as they develop vehicles that best meet their customers’ needs.

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Toyota Took the Passenger Vehicle Brand and Lexus Won Luxury Brand:
Chevrolet was the winner of the truck brand award.

Honda, Mazda, and Volkswagen Also Did Well As Each Earned Multiple Awards:
Twenty-one different brands were recognized in the 2015 Vincentric awards.

Toyota Brands Did Very Well in Hybrid Vehicle Segments:
Kia Soul EV won Electric/Plug-in Hybrid Car segment.
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