Spinella: Things Getting Better for Independent Dealers, NADA Analyzes How Luxury Models Doing December 3, 2014
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Independent Dealers See Good Month in November

Art Spinella
CNW Research

Independent dealers have been seeing volumes decline vs. 2013 on a regular basis in recent month, often in double digit declines. November was a turnaround month, with sales up slightly vs. a year ago and transaction prices bulking up. Transaction prices (excluding taxes, fees, and add-ons) rose 2.8% for independent dealers vs. a year ago.

Retail Automotive Summary – November 2014

Casual Sales Saw Rare Year-Over-Year Sales Volume Decline:
2.3% decline for casual sales, cutting 2014 full-year increase to less than 3%

Franchised Dealers Expected to Take 2% Volume Increase Over Year Ago:
Prices also were up vs. a year ago by 1.2% (again, excluding taxes, fees, and add-ons).

Used Vehicle Floor Traffic Continued to Take Slight Slide in First 20 Days:
Opening days of third 10-day period in November showed an improvement in traffic.

NADA Perspective Analyzes Most Popular Luxury Style

Jonathan Banks
Executive Automotive Analyst
NADA Used Car Guide

NADA Perspective provided one-year retention figures for the most popular style level as determined by its share of new vehicle sales. The retention calculation is a function of a three month average (Sept. – Nov. 2014) of NADA’s average trade-in value divided by a vehicle’s typically-equipped MSRP sourced from NADA Used Car Guide and ALG.

NADA Perspective: 1 Year Old Luxury Retention

Redesigned 2014 Acura MDX Seeing Strong Retention at 79.8% - Up 5.9%:
Despite its noteworthy qualities, another Acura model – 2014 RLX, subpar at 61.3% retention.

2014 Lexus IS 350 and 250 Redesigned with More Aggressive Look:
Its long-term retention is staying strong at 75.3%, nearly equal to 2013 model’s 75.6%.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Compact Shows Impressive New Sales and Retention:
One-year retention for CLA250 is an outstanding 81.4%, more than 14% higher than Near-Luxury car segment average.
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NADA on Incentive Spending Trend

Incen­tive spend­ing con­tin­ued in Novem­ber and fueled strong new car sales, and Octo­ber saw another soft month in UC prices.

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