Spinella Finds Growth Trend in Used Leasing, IHS Sees it in New Vehicle Sales October 1, 2014
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CNW Research Tracks Used Car Leasing Trends

Art Spinella
CNW Research

Used leasing has become growth area for new and used car dealers. Expect full-year used leases to hit 1.1M this year and as much as 1.7M next year. Franchised dealers are seeing it as more of a possible new source of revenue, and banks are loosening strings of carrying used-lease paper. Early reports in September showed used leases up 3.4%, with cap costs falling nearly 5% as lower-priced non-luxury used cars are being added to the mix.

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Lower Wholesale Prices Have Sent Franchised Dealer Asking Prices Down:
Down to $11,309 vs year ago’s &11,729 while independent dealer prices have dipped only slightly.

Sub-prime Loan Approvals Up 17.7% Y-O-Y, but Only Third of a Percent M-O-M:
Latter figure reveals strong but measured approach to providing loans to that audience.

Used Diesel Cars Growing in Demand as 22% of Used Shoppers Considering It:
Hybrids are not as strongly desired on the used side at only 18% considering buying.

IHS Issues Forecast on US and Global New Vehicle Sales

Henner Lehne
Senior Director of Global Light-Vehicle Forecasting

For those wondering where new light-vehicle sales are likely to head in the US this year and next, IHS released a report last month forecasting the numbers. That total is expected to reach 16.4 million this year and climb up to 17.4 million two years later in 2017. That will be driven primarily by increasing consumer confidence and cheap financing. Economic recovery is bringing a positive spirit back to making big-ticket purchases while having been hesitant in the past.

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Improving Housing Market, Low Interest Rates and Moderate Fuel Prices Also Driving Sales:
New models with Internet-connected dashboards and fuel-saving engines also are luring buyers.

Forecast Raised from 16.25M As Delivery Pace Exceeded Expectations Recently:
Last year, US consumer purchased 15.6 million cars and light trucks, IHS said.

Global Sales Expected to Climb This Year to 85.7M from 83.3M Last Year:
China should drive growth by reaching 23.3M in sales and 24.9M next year.
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