Gas Price Volatility is Something to Watch, Too Early to Predict NatGas Truck Prices June 26, 2014
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Black Book: A Hail of a Market and Gas Price Volatility

Ricky Beggs
Senior VP, Editorial Director
Black Book

Damaged cars from heavy hail storms have recently made it to auctions in Colorado. Black Book analysts were able to act accordingly to many of the sold units with their dings from severe weather that don’t end up in computer summary sheets of sales. Availability of used cars in the market continues to increase, giving buyers more options – though overabundance of supply isn’t there yet in the four-to-five year old range.

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Gasoline Price Volatility is Again a Topic at the Water Cooler:
Real concern has to do with factors in Middle East and expected gas price increases.

New Vehicle Sales Bringing More Trade-ins and Wholesale Supply:
Add in traditional seasonal summer softening goes with reports that prices are leveling off and adjusting down slightly.

Truck Market Continues to Trend with Lower Depreciation Levels than Cars:
While trucks have been depreciating, the change level is still lower than last year.
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Commercial Trucks Seeing Strong Valuation Overall

Chris Visser
Senior Analyst and Product Manager
ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide

April’s retail and wholesale big rigs – Class 8 trucks – saw a greatly increased number of 2011 and 2012 model year trucks sold, signaling a possible market shift. Increased off-lease supply had its effects, but pricing for individual trucks wasn’t significantly impacted. That suggests April saw some leftover pent-up demand. Medium duty segments continued to see recovery; average-to-low mileage units brought in stronger market value than in recent months.

Here the latest Guidelines – NADA Commercial Truck Guide Industry Update

Average Used Truck Retailed in April Brought in $60,073:
$4,182 (7.0%) higher than March, and $8,619 (14.3%) higher than last April.

Average Mileage Was 506,381 — Lowest Recorded Since March 2011:
Figure is 17,678 (or 3.4%) lower than previous month, and 22,356 (or 4.3%) lower than April 2013.

Natural Gas Trucks Are Showing Up in Secondary Market but it’s Still Early:
No published benchmark yet, meaning buyers and lenders might be more hesitant.
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