Spinella: February Saw Strong Results in Retail UC Sales, Kontos: Off-rental Units Threw Market for a Curve March 6, 2013

February Numbers Were Strong for UC Sales, Spinella Says

Art Spinella
CNW Research

February was a strong month for retail used vehicle sales – the volume was up 4.53% over February 2012, with 2,082, 681 units sold compared to 1,92,423 a year ago; Franchised dealers were up 11.65%, independent dealers were up 4.43%, and private party sales slipped 2.67%.

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Franchised Dealers Sold 747,534 Used Vehicles vs. 660,543 a Year Ago:
Independent dealers sold 699,065 vs. 669,420 a year ago, and private party sales slipped to 636,019 from 653,460 units.

Number of Used-Car Shoppers Virtually Unchanged from Year Ago:
With 5.56 million shoppers this year vs. 5.58 million from last year.

Number of Sub-prime Buyers Soared 53.2% in February vs. Year Ago:
Those with FICO scores under 550 were up 48.3%.

Wholesale Prices Influenced by Off-Rental Bias, Kontos Says

Tom Kontos
Executive Vice President, Customer Strategies & Analytics
ADESA Analytical Services

Wholesale prices rose sequentially and on year-over-year basis in January partly due to influx of off-rental units that biased average prices upward; Surge of off-rental units stems in large part from vehicles taken out of service in January following extended use in Northeast in aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

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Average Prices of Off-Rental Units Were Biased Upward:
With disproportionate share of late-model used vehicles hitting auction in January.

One Can Expect Wholesale Prices to Resume General Softening Pattern:
That began around mid-2012 and that was interrupted by Superstorm Sandy.

Wholesale Prices Were up 2.5% Over December and 1.3% Over January 2012:
Strongest year-on-year price increases were registered by fullsize vans, compact crossovers, midsize cars, fullsize pickups, and mini SUVs.
Expert Video Recap
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Pollak_Dale_vAuto_UCMR_NADA 2013
Market Vehicle Valuation Transformation

Dale Pol­lak, Founder and Chair­man of vAuto, thinks that…

1. There’s been a fun­da­men­tal trans­for­ma­tion in the mar­ket regard­ing vehi­cle val­u­a­tion.
2. The whole­sale mar­ket was it for a long time as it was the only chan­nel for trans­ac­tional vis­i­bil­ity.
3. The retail mar­ket now pro­vides a great deal of vis­i­bil­ity due to new tech­nol­ogy, along with eval­u­a­tion ability.

Click image to view video and hear Pollak’s analy­sis of where things stand today in under­stand­ing the retail mar­ket price landscape.

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Vehicle Damage Reporting After Super Storm Sandy

Larry Gamache of Car­fax talks about lessons learned since the hurricane…

1. Super Storm Sandy affected many fam­i­lies and vehi­cles on the east coast.
2. Car­fax is work­ing with insur­ance com­pa­nies and state and local gov­ern­ments to make sure every­one of the vehi­cles is prop­erly iden­ti­fied and reported
3. Used car deal­ers need to make sure that all dam­age – espe­cially water dam­age – is reported and dis­closed in the proper manner.

Click image to view video and hear Gamache explain how key play­ers in the process are work­ing together.

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